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Russian-American Concert

Bates Recital Hall, 2406 Robert Dedman Dr, Austin

Concert featuring living Russian and American composers.


(Russia) Ivan Mironyuk: Trutenau Maria Anikeeva: Septet Piotr Dyatlov: 3rd Movement Vera Petrova: Piano Quintet Vyacheslav Harchenko: Psyche

(American) Kyle Rivera: REEL Madeline Styskal: Pretty Madeline Styskal: Mother Tongue Mark Buller: Tombstone Songs Matthew Oaks: An Afternoon at Johnson Space Center


TMMC December 2022

The home of Susan Groves

Amateur and professional musicians perform their repertoire in a supportive and encouraging environment of music lovers.

Program: Claude Debussy: Prelude No. 1 Charles Alkan: Symphony For Solo Piano: Movement 2. Funeral March